ATK Carparts is committed to respecting the privacy of its subscribers, customers and visitors to their websites. This is why we wish to inform you clearly about the precautions we take when handling your personal data. ATK Carparts always handles and protects the personal data of subscribers, customers and visitors to its websites carefully. 

ATK Carparts ensures that its policy for the protection of your personal data complies with the legal provisions in Belgium and the European Union. 

ATK Carparts respects the Privacy Protection Act [Wet tot bescherming van de persoonlijke levenssfeer], Personal Data (Processing) Act [Wet verwerking persoonsgegevens] and other privacy regulations. 

We therefore wish to clearly communicate to you which personal details ATK Carparts collects, how we use that information, and what you must do if you do not wish your personal data to be saved or disclosed to third parties. We also wish to inform you how you can review, change or delete your personal data. 
In accordance with legislation on privacy, you always have the right to access your data and the right to correct this data. You can always contact us to object if you do not wish that your personal data processed, passed on to third parties or used for direct marketing purposes.

No agreements are signed with minors on our websites. We therefore expressly ask minors not to send us personal data.

Responsible party

ATK Carparts is the responsible party for data processing. 
Address: Bosstraat 13, 9770 Kruisem
Phone: 09 242 84 70.

If you have questions about the way that ATK Carparts handles your data, of if you would like to unsubscribe for certain use of your data, you can send an e-mail at any time to

You can also use this address if you would like to access or have your data changed. You can always contact us free of charge to have your personal data removed from our database on request. Please attach a copy of your identity card with your request so that we can process your request as quickly as possible.

Purposes for processing personal data

Personal data refers to: name, first name, address, phone number, gender, date of birth, e-mail address, etc. 

ATK Carparts gathers and processes your personal data for the following purposes.
•    for drafting and implementing the agreement concluded with you, including payment of products and/or services purchased, and in order to be able to offer you the agreed products and/or services;
•    in order to offer you the opportunity to place and exchange information on the website and to be able to contact other users if the website offers the possibility to do so;
•    in order to offer you the opportunity to have visitors and parties interested in your advertisement contact you if you have placed an advertisement on our website; 
•    in order to be able to create invoices when it concerns a paid service. ATK Carparts never publishes this financial data on a website, and also never makes it available to third parties for purposes other than implementing the agreement; 
•    in order to optimise the security of the website;
•    in order to create web statistics, for instance, about the number of visitors to the different sections of our website; 
•    in order to be able to offer you the services and advertisements in general on our website; 
•    for marketing purposes in order to provide you targeted information about relevant products and/or services as well as new offers from ATK Carparts and third parties that we suspect you might be interested in. In order to align this information with your personal interests so that we can, for instance, show you an advertisement for a product and/or service that we suspect you might be interested in according to the personal data we have processed;
•    in order to be able send you relevant e-mails and mail, newsletters, user information, service messages or other electronic messages; 
•    for further marketing purposes whereby the data can be passed on to companies and/or third parties so that they can direct interesting and relevant product and/or service offers to you; 
•    in order to analyse, maintain, secure and optimise our websites and technologies; 
•    in order to be in accordance with the laws and regulations to which ATK Carparts is subject;
•    for settling any disputes; 
•    for administrative purposes. 

ATK Carparts saves your personal data only as long as necessary for the purposes described above. After that, your personal information remains saved for archiving purposes.

Additional information in connection with the protection of privacy is available at the Commission for the Protection of Privacy. Address: Hoogstraat 39, 1000 Brussels

Sharing private data

ATK Carparts also exchanges personal data it has processed with its group companies. In this way, ATK Carparts can better serve you and better attune the contents of its websites to your interests. 
If you do not want atk carparts bvba to exchange your personal data with group companies, you can always let us know via an e-mail to
Any objection to this is always upon request and entirely free of charge. 
ATK Carparts may make electronic data, such as your e-mail address and mobile phone number, available to third parties, as previously mentioned, for sending you information and offers about their products and services provided you have given Luxury Properties permission to do so. 

You can always have your data blocked should you wish. You can also always withdraw permission granted for the use of your electronic data. You can request these matters from us by sending an e-mail to In particular instances, ATK Carparts may make your personal data available to third parties should they be required to do so in the context of executing a legal provision or a court procedure.

Registration of personal data

-    Data that you decide to entrust us with and that you submit personally 
-    Automatically submitted personal data 
Some personal data are submitted to us automatically. 
For instance, the following can be registered automatically: your TCP/IP address, the brand and the version of your navigator,  the type of Internet browser that you use, the type of operating system that you use, the domain name of the website from which you are connected to our site, and the most recently visited web page. We can register automatic data by means of cookies.

The use of cookies

Cookies are small computer files that our servers send and that are placed on your computer’s hard drive. These cookies contain information that only we can decipher and only when you visit the website. When you visit our website, we can save information on your computer. These cookies are there so that you can navigate on our site. 

You are always free to refuse installation of these cookies by changing the Internet options from your navigation software. Using your Internet browser, you can delete cookies from your hard drive, block them or receive a warning before a cookie is saved. For more information about these functions we refer you to the instructions on the help screen among your browser settings.

Securing personal data

When processing personal data, ATK Carparts is responsible for securing this information. For instance, we do everything possible to ensure that there is no unauthorised access to, adjustment, loss, or any form of unlawful processing of personal data. Our employees are required to handle your personal data confidentially when they have access to them. 

When you place an advertisement on our website, the credit card number you submitted is sent, encoded, via the Internet. The Ingenico Payment Services meets the strictest demands with regard to Internet security.


The ATK Carparts website contains links to the websites of third parties. ATK Carparts is not liable for the content of the sites and/or the way in which these sites handle your (personal) data. Concerning this, always read the privacy policy, the disclaimer, the copyright notice and the general conditions of the website that you visit.

Changes to the privacy policy

ATK Carparts has the right to make changes to the privacy policy and the agreement regarding cookies. For this reason you should review this document regularly. 
Last changed: 01-09-2019

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