The top 5 of most popular cars in Belgium

Every month Traxio publishes the numbers of the most popular car brands sold in Belgium. 

For September the rankings are the following: 


1. Volkswagen
2. Mercedes
3. Audi
4. Renault
5. Dacia

In total 30.520 new cars were released on the Belgian market from the Flemish part. 


1. Volkswagen
2. Renault
3. Dacia
4. Peugeot
5. Citroën

In total 10.954 new cars were released from the French speaking part of Belgium. 


1. Mercedes
2. Audi
3. Volkswagen
4. BMW
5. Toyota

In total 6.227 new cars were sold in Brussels for the Belgian market. 

September has known thus 47.701 new cars on our roads. 

The German brands are still the most popular brands in Belgium: Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes. And let these be the top brands at ATK Carparts as well! ;)

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