Job in the spotlight: Driver

Tim Hendrikx works since 5 years at ATK Carparts and drives lots of kilometers through the landscape of East-Flandres as a driver. Tim is one of our 8 drivers.

In my former life…

"I’ve made a serious carreerswitch, I have a medical background but my first job was in sales as store manager at Krëfel. Since 5 years, I’m working as a driver for ATK Carparts and this is the perfect job for me : not only the content but also the combination with my family life."

How did you get in contact with ATK Carparts?

"The classic way: I’ve registered myself at an office and I applied at ATK. In the beginning I’ve did some temporary office work, but going on the road was more what I like.”

What I like about my job:

"The freedom on the road, every day is different and the contact with our customers is really pleasant. With certain customers I have a very good relationship: it happens that they offer me a coffee, coke or chocolat. Or sometimes the discussion brings us to exoctic plants. :) The appreciation I receive from the customers because I did a good job, is really rewarding.”

Your favorite brand:

“Without any hesitation: BMW ! And more specifically a M5!"

Why would you recommend someone to apply at ATK?

"Because our customers are very friendly and appreciate our work and service, the contact with them, the freedom on the road and in general the atmosphere at ATK: the management is very accessible and there are never big issues.”

A fun story to share?

"A customer ordered a chromé decoration, I know this kind of piece is also wrapped in blue protection foil… When I handed over the piece, he refused…as he ordered a chromé and not a blue one…Until I told him this was the protection foil.” :)

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